Innovation begins and ends with people.

Business Innovation.

We collaborate with businesses to introduce new ideas, implement new processes, and create dynamic services and products for customers and staff. We have a strong track record in innovative thinking and creative problem solving.

• Market scan
• Competitor analysis
• Staff interviews
• Stakeholder workshops
• Customer research
• Existing data analysis

• Strategic recommendations
• Business value proposition
• Product and service roadmap
• Process maps
• Employee journey maps

Design research.

We investigate and understand the needs of customers, to inform product or service design and strategic direction.

• Existing data review
• Gap analysis
• Ethnographic research
• Contextual enquiry
• Shadowing
• Participatory design sessions
• Remote/virtual sessions
• Stakeholder workshops

• Personas
• Customer journey maps
• Service process maps & blueprints


We work with organisations to develop strategies for maximising the business benefits of new interfaces and platforms, data assets and technology as part of and to guide overall business strategy.

• Stakeholder workshops
• Implementation plan
• Performance metrics

• Digital strategy
• Business value proposition
• Product and service roadmap
• Process maps
• Employee journey maps

Service design.

We help organisations improve the quality of their services for both customers and staff. We start from the needs and requirements of users and look for solutions together with these users and other stakeholders.

• Ideation and brainstorming sessions
• Co-design workshops
• Usability testing
• Experience prototyping

• Customer journey mapping
• Employee experience mapping
• User personas
• Context mapping
• Design brief
• Service blueprints
• Scenarios


Our strength is to interpret research to create practical and tangible outcomes. We have the capability to take any research through to implementation.

• Information architecture
• Systems architecture
• Visual design
• Web & mobile development
• Business requirements gathering
• Functional specifications
• Project management
• Design research

• Responsive websites
• Mobile applications
• CRM implementations
• Interactive spaces

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