Services designed with customers & staff at the centre of the process deliver dramatic results.

Service & Process Design

Are your services designed to satisfy your customers’ needs?   

A growing number of organisations around the world have identified the commercial value of user-centred Service Design to deliver strong business benefits and competitive advantage. 

We partner with organisations to provide deep insight into physical and digital customer engagement touch-points, develop key metrics around gathered data, and identify and design new ways to make services easier to use, more efficient and more desirable. By capturing the present state, we can provide insight into areas in need of improvement and recommend ways in which services can be streamlined and optimised to better serve external and internal users.

Service Blueprinting

Service Blueprinting is a comprehensive technique which places your customers at the heart of your organisation and focuses on the service delivery process. Each of your customer’s service encounters (touch-points) are mapped and examined to see if they contribute to the strengthening of the relationship between your organisation and your customers - or if they are motivating your customers to disengage.


Having services and processes visually mapped can solve a huge problem encountered by almost every organisation, as processes are generally opaque and oblique and are perceived differently in the minds of different stakeholders.  Incling’s unique human-centred service design process delivers clear, actionable solutions to drive future innovation, expedite organisational change, streamline people and services and drive new business.

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