Services designed around customers and employee needs can deliver dramatic results.

Employee Experience Design

Empowering, motivating and inspiring employees.

Losing a staff member can cost more than $40,000 in recruitment, training and lost productivity. Improving employee experience not only helps attract and retain staff, but improves efficiency, customer satisfaction and profits. Incling has developed a unique approach to improving the employee experience.

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Service & Process Design

Create immediate change by visualising and redesigning your processes.

Our unique method of mapping processes, systems, and people can have an immediate impact on your organisational performance. Our approach turns opaque and oblique processes into visual maps allowing stakeholders the ability to effectively review and plan together. 

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Customer Experience Design

Clear insight into your how you attract, engage and retain your customers.

Many organisations are internally focussed and have poor insight into their customers’ real needs and motivations.  We help drive business efficiencies and growth by gaining deep insight into the experience customers have while engaging with your organisation - right from the beginning of their search for a service, though the process of investigation, to application and purchase.

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